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Why Your Business Needs An EPC

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document required by businesses that construct a building, sell or rent to outside parties and it provides information on the energy efficiency of the property, as well as the carbon dioxide emission levels of the premises. You can obtain an EPC by contacting a professional EPC company such…

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Why Renewable Energy is the only alternative

According to Bloomberg’s report on Global trends in renewable energy, the investment in the Renewable Energy sector has reached £170 billion in 2014, marking an increase of almost 17% compared to the sector in 2013. Altogether, renewable energy sources contribute to 9.1% of the global electricity generated in 2014, and are becoming more and more attractive…

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What an EPC can do for your business

With the increase of energy costs and companies’ growing awareness of their impact on the environment, reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency is becoming more important than ever in ensuring business sustainability. At Nexus Energy Solutions we specialise in providing businesses with a wide range of energy efficiency services, one of which is professional…

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