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How an Energy Performance Certificate is Conducted

When you rent or buy a property – either commercial or domestic – you should be given an Energy Performance Certificate (or EPC). This is a document showing the results of an assessment which will have been carried out by a professional assessor and indicates how energy efficient the property is. Whether you are a…

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How to Make your London Home Self-Sufficient

Whether you are looking to become more self-sufficient to lessen your impact on the environment or have a distant dream of living a ‘Good Life’, there is much to be said about living a more sustainable life, consuming what you make and reducing wastage in your home. This is not only great for the environment,…

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What to Check Before Making an Offer on a House in London

With the property market as it is at the moment, it can be tempting to make an offer on a house as soon as you see it. This is especially the case in London. As houses are few and far between, there is a high amount of demand and not much supply. However, it is…

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Things You Should Expect from Your Landlord Before Moving

They say that moving home can be one of the most stressful things in life. You’re probably slightly on edge about finding the right house and leaving your old one, alongside having to worry about all of the money moving around, packing up your belongings, and relying on others to help transport them to a…

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