TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections

TM44 Inspections – Independent Energy Inspection Of Air Conditioning Units

At Nexus Energy Solutions, we work closely with our clients to ensure their properties are energy efficient and compliant. Air conditioning can be one of the most energy intensive of all commercial systems and it is essential that your cooling and ventilation systems are checked and reviewed on a regular basis. TM44 Inspections take care of this necessity.

TM44 Inspections covers analysis and assessment of the efficiency and sizing of the air conditioning system in comparison to cooling requirements of the building.

The purpose of the TM44 Inspection Scotland is to build higher efficiency levels and the increase the operation of such systems. Findings are recorded in a TM44 inspection report that includes measures which could be undertaken to improve the energy efficiency of the building to reduce cooling load.

The report also highlights timescales for next inspections, which is usually 3 – 5 years. This is subject to the current efficiency of your current TM44 system.

What Are The Benefits?

Did you know that air conditioning systems can account for up to one third of energy usage in a commercial building? A TM44 inspection report will provide recommendations that could help you to reduce this energy consumption.

When you implement the recommendations found in your TM44 report, you could gain the following benefits:

  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Improved EPC ratings
  • Scheme performance
  • Improved CRC energy efficiency
  • Improved temperature regulation and air quality
  • Increased productivity and comfort across your workforce

TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections

If you are an organisation in England or Wales using an air conditioning system or systems with an output of over 12kW, you will be required to carry out an independent energy inspection (or TM44) of all air conditioning units on your premises. This directive is part of the Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificant and Inspections) Regulations 2007 and has been in place since January 2011.

TM44 Scotland Services

It is essential that your TM44 inspection is carried out by an independent third party to avoid any conflict of interest that might occur. Once you have had your initial inspection carried out, you will be required to carry out follow up inspections every 5 years. Nexus Energy is an approved TM44 assessor so call us now to arrange an inspection at your convenience.

Who Is Responsible For Arranging TM44 Inspections Scotland & England?

It is the responsibility of the person in control of the air conditioning and its technical functioning to oversee TM44 inspections including when they are due and arranging an inspection when necessary.

We are members of a number of Air Conditioning Inspection Panels across the UK and can deliver our TM44 inspection service to any commercial premises. Arrange Your Next TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection with Nexus Energy Solutions here or call to find out more about commercial EPC and commercial TM44 inspections.