7 Benefits Of Installing Air Conditioning In Your Workplace

Are you wondering whether air conditioning is worth the investment? Modern cooling units can be expensive, but professionally installed air conditioning can benefit your business in dozens of ways. Here are the top 7 benefits of installing air conditioning in your workplace:

1. Improved energy efficiency

Air conditioning technology has evolved rapidly and new units are more energy-efficient than ever. Modern air conditioning units can efficiently cool a building while minimising energy use and reducing your carbon footprint. There is a big push for companies to go green at the moment and switching to an efficient cooling unit will show your support for sustainability.

Upgrading to a high-tech air conditioning unit is one way to improve your building’s energy efficiency, but there are many more steps you can take to go green. You can book a commercial EPC to get expert advice and recommendations on ways to save money and lower carbon emissions in the workplace.

2. Lower utility costs

Improving your energy efficiency will reduce utility costs and slash your monthly overheads. Using a single air conditioning unit to cool your office is also more cost-effective than running multiple fans. Overall, a professionally installed air conditioning unit should save you money when compared to other cooling options.

3. Increased comfort

One of the biggest advantages of installing an air conditioning unit in the workplace is that it will allow you to control the temperature in your office. Air conditioning will help you achieve and maintain a comfortable and pleasant work environment for your employees.

British summers are getting hotter and longer and a recent study by the Met Office found that 40°C summer temperatures could be common in the UK by 2100. This means that air conditioning is becoming more essential in workplaces, especially during the summer months.

4. Less humidity

No one wants to feel hot and sticky while they’re working. Another great benefit of modern air conditioning units is that they are designed to remove excess moisture from the air and reduce humidity. This means that your team members can carry out their work tasks on hot days without suffering from humidity.

5. Improved air quality

Busy office environments are breeding grounds for bacteria, germs, and dust. Modern air conditioning units filter the air and remove dust and other potential allergens. A cooling unit will improve indoor air quality and protect your employee’s health. This should reduce the number of employee sick days and help you run a productive workforce.

When you install air conditioning, your employees will benefit from breathing filtered, clean air. This will help to prevent illness like common colds from spreading in the workplace. Air conditioning is also a great way to help staff who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues e.g. asthma.

6. Higher productivity

Comfortable employees will be more productive in the workplace and productivity has a direct impact on your bottom line. Research by Harvard and Syracuse Universities found that indoor air quality can have a direct impact on employee productivity. The study found that improving the air quality at work will also improve productivity.

Installing an air conditioning unit is one of the best ways to remove air pollutants and allergens from your work environment. Your employees will enjoy improved indoor air quality and this will have a positive impact on workplace productivity and revenue.

7. Protect business equipment

Modern businesses are full of expensive tools and equipment such as computer monitors, laptops, printers, and so on. These electronics generate heat and this can damage critical equipment if it is not removed from the environment. Most business equipment can only operate within certain temperature tolerances.

An air condition unit will remove excess heat and humidity from your work environment and help you maintain an optimal temperature. This will protect your business equipment and technology from overheating and becoming damaged. Install an air conditioning unit will help keep your critical business equipment safe.


Many business owners are worried about the cost of getting air conditioning installed for their business. Investing in air conditioning is a business expense that will not directly generate revenue or profit, but it will have many benefits in the workplace. We also provide TM44 inspections for existing air conditioning units.

Some of the key advantages include improved energy efficiency, lower utility costs, and a more comfortable working environment. Remember that you should always have an air conditioning system installed by a professional and follow the relevant health and safety guidelines.