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Nexus Energy Solutions - Commercial EPC specialists

Here at Nexus Energy Solutions we cover the whole of the Birmingham area, giving our customers quick and accurate EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) assessments for landlords, home owners, and commercial property owners.

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Wherever you might be living or working in Birmingham, our team of expert energy assessors are ready and waiting to carry out your Energy Performance Certificate at competitive prices.

Whether you are looking to rent out your residential or commercial property in Birmingham or are thinking about selling it, you will need to have an EPC. Birmingham is being labelled as one of the British cities of the future thanks to the amount of regeneration that has happened there over the last few years. So, with more and more people looking to take advantage of what Birmingham has to offer, it is important to make your property is as attractive as possible to potential buyers or renters.

And that’s where Nexus Energy can help.

Who are Nexus Energy Solutions?

We are an established and experienced energy efficiency survey and advice company, who can provide low cost, high quality EPC assessments in Birmingham, as well as other parts of the UK. Energy Performance Certificates are a legal requirement when any property – commercial or residential – is placed on the market. We can quickly organise and carry out your commercial or residential EPC wherever in Birmingham you may be based.

Why Does My Business Need An Energy Consultant?

At Nexus, we focus on offering an unparalleled customer experience, with an emphasis on customer service and, are dedicated to helping both domestic and business customers use energy saving to enhance the attractiveness of their property by providing recommendations on how to improve its energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency in Birmingham

Whether you are planning to lease your commercial property or sell your life long home, it is critical for potential buyers or renters to know how energy efficient your property is now – and could be in the future.

An EPC can not only give potential buyers or renters an accurate and detailed understanding of the current energy efficiency of the property but will also arm you with a list of guidelines and ideas about how to improve its energy efficiency in the future.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate (or EPC) is a document detailing the results of an assessment which is carried out by an independent and qualified energy assessor. They look at the energy efficiency of a building, give it a rating and also offer recommendations into how to make it more energy efficient.

According to the law, when you sell or rent out your property, an EPC must be made available to potential buyers or tenants at the time of it going on the market.

In the Energy Performance Certificate, your residential or commercial property will be given an energy rating from A to G (with ‘A’ being the most energy efficient possible and ‘G’ the least). It goes without saying that the higher the energy efficiency rating is, the more attractive your property will be to potential buyers or tenants – as it will mean saving money on energy bills, less wastage and a more comfortable building to live in.

After the assessment has been completed, you will be given the report, complete with recommendations about how to improve your property’s energy rating. This will allow you to highlight to those who are interested in buying or renting the property what they can do to improve it – or if you prefer, you can do it yourself.

The EPC Process

If you are selling or renting out your property in Birmingham, you will need to have an EPC. The process of getting one is very simple:

Just get in touch with one of our friendly team here at Nexus.

We will then arrange for one of our professional and experienced energy assessors to come and visit your property.

On the day, the assessor will have a look around, take some pictures and put together their report. The amount of time that they will take on site depends on the size of the building and how easy they can access the parts that they need to get to.

We will then get back to you with your report and recommendations within 48 hours for domestic customers and 72 hours for commercial customers. If you have any questions about your EPC you can give us a call and our friendly, knowledgeable team will be happy to talk you through the details.

Here at Nexus we provide impartial and quality EPCs to people across Birmingham, so if you need one, get in touch with us today and we’ll organise it right away.

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Call us now: 0844 562 5661

Visit us now: Arion Business Centre, Harriet House, Birmingham, B23 6BG

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