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Expert EPC, Energy Survey & Energy Advice for homes and businesses in Glasgow
Owners of residential and business premises in Glasgow can work with Nexus Energy Solutions to ascertain what they can do to reduce the amount of money that they spend on energy. The team of expert advisors at Nexus completes EPCs, carries out energy surveys and provides thorough and friendly advice about energy saving solutions.

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About Nexus

The team at Nexus has one main aim, to provide energy saving advice and services to business and residential clients in the Glasgow area. If you are looking for friendly and straightforward advice that can help to save you money, just complete the simple booking process, to speak to one of the team.
You may not be happy with the way your EPC looks at present. If this is the case, you need to do something about the situation. Nexus Energy Solutions helps clients to have a better understanding of their EPC and enables them to see how it can improve. We can help you with your EPC, as well as carrying out expert energy surveys and providing you with straightforward and accurate advice about how to put money back into your household or business budget, by saving on the amount you spend on energy usage.

Friendly and useful advice from Nexus

You can speak to the team of friendly advisors at Nexus about your energy use concerns. If you think you are spending too much on energy for your home and business, we can help you to understand how you can reduce the cost. We provide expert advice and support about energy saving solutions that you can use. You can access this advice at any time, using your online energy advice area. This online space contains useful tips on how you can reduce the amount of energy you use. It also contains information about grants that you may be able to access, to help with energy efficiency work in your home or business premises. Nexus can also provide you with details of professional installation services in Glasgow, that can provide you with quotes for any work that needs to be carried out. When you access your online energy advice area we are here to guide you through and answer any questions that you may have.
If you own a property in Glasgow, the experts at Nexus will help you to get a better understanding of your EPC. This means that you can then take steps to make sure that your EPC reaches its full potential.
Nexus Energy Solutions - EPC Glasgow

Call us now: 0141 345 2180

Visit us now: 272 Bath Street , Glasgow, G2 4JR

Opening Times: Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr 08:00-17:30

Commercial premises energy surveys in Glasgow

Energy consistently increases in price. This can be a burden for any business as it can place a strain on the operating budget. Nexus will work with your business to help you have a better understanding of how you use energy and how you can reduce that usage. Speak to one or our experts about the detailed energy surveys that we can carry out for your premises. The results of these surveys, and the advice we provide in conjunction with them, work together to help you identify actions you can take, to make sure that you improve the energy efficiency of your business premises.
2018 also sees minimum energy standards being rolled out, so you need to understand how this affects your business. This understanding can be aided by the business EPCs and energy surveys that are carried out by Nexus Energy Solutions.

Whether you own a home or a business premises in Glasgow, you can benefit from the services offered by Nexus Energy Solutions. Contact our team of professionals and we can help with all of your energy survey and EPC requirements. We are also here to answer questions you may have about your energy usage and provide you with advice about your energy bills. The earlier you get this advice, the sooner you can start making important changes. This is why it makes sense to get in touch with Nexus as soon as possible.

Nexus Energy Solutions does not just provide advice for people who live in a property; we are also here to help landlords and property agents in Glasgow understand their current responsibilities, and future concerns, when it comes to the EPC of their properties. If you are a landlord or property agent in the Glasgow area, you can reduce the amount of time spent completing paperwork by seeking advice from us. Energy efficiency is one of the biggest priorities for people seeking to rent a home or business, so it’s important that you know how to maximise the effectiveness of your EPC and make sure your properties are as energy efficient as possible.