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If you are based in Manchester or its surrounding areas and are looking to sell or rent out your private or commercial property, you will legally need to have Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) produced.

Here at Nexus Energy, we can carry out quick and accurate Manchester EPCs to assess your energy performance and provide you with an impartial report at a fixed fee. This can then be provided to letting agents, estate agents, prospective buyers, or renters as part of your property’s official documentation.

Who are Nexus Energy Solutions?

We are an established energy efficiency survey and energy advice company dedicated to helping our customers make their residential and commercial properties more energy efficient. This involves producing domestic and commercial EPCs. This can help to make properties more attractive when they are put on the market.

Our expert team of accredited energy assessors are leading EPC providers. They can carry out Manchester EPCs within the city and across local areas, as well as all over the UK. They are on hand to come to your property, carry out the assessment, and then give you an energy rating of A to G – as well as providing you with some recommendations about how to make the property more energy efficient in the future.

Energy Efficiency in Manchester

With more and more potential buyers and renters being concerned with energy efficiency, it is important to those who are selling or renting out their properties in Greater Manchester to make their properties as green as possible – and therefore make it more attractive to potential occupants. This is why acquiring a residential EPC is so important.

For new tenants or owners, an EPC survey can be very useful. As well as giving an accurate and dependable report on the state of the building’s energy efficiency at present, it can also help them to know what might be needed in the future.

A building that is highly energy efficient has a number of factors which are desirable. These include a lesser impact on the environment, improvement of Manchesters energy, lower energy bills, a warmer building in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

An EPC is a legal requirement for any commercial or residential property owner to provide when they put it on the market to sell or rent out.

The EPC is carried out by an energy assessment accredited surveyor who will look at several factors of a property to determine how energy efficient it is. The energy assessors will then give it an ‘Energy Efficiency Rating’ and provide recommendations on measures to take to improve it’s rating. The finished certificate will be valid for 10 years.

If the EPC is not supplied as part of the property’s documentation, the owners or sellers can be liable to pay a fine.

What is assessed within an EPC?

A domestic energy assessor will inspect your energy and evaluate your current living situation. This includes looking at:

How efficient your gas boiler is

How efficient your gas boiler is

Your gas safety

Your gas safety

Floor plan

Floor plan

Heating system type

Heating system type

Insulation of your loft

Insulation of your loft

Double glazing

Double glazing

This information allows us to produce an accurate EPC rating, telling you how efficiently your property consumes energy.

The EPC Process

If you are in Manchester or its surrounding area, getting an EPC is easy. First, get in touch with Manchester EPC provider Nexus Energy Solutions in order to make an appointment for one of our assessors to come and have a look at your property. This will be to assess your domestic or commercial energy.

On the day of the assessment, they will come to the property and have a look around. The amount of time that they’ll be with you depends on how big the property is and what degree of access they have to the areas that they need to see. They will then go away to produce the report. Customers can expect to receive their completed report within 48 hours for a domestic EPC, and 72 hours for a commercial EPC.

We have a team of friendly and informed staff on stand-by for if you have any questions about your energy certificate.

If you’re in need of an EPC and you are based in or around Manchester, why not get in touch with us at Nexus Energy Solutions today? We have other teams located across the country, including: EPC Glasgow, EPC London, EPC Liverpool, EPC Edinburgh, and more. Click here to see our teams!

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