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How Do They Work & What Green Energy Options Are Available To Businesses?

With a substantial increase in Government energy management legislation and other groups putting pressure on organisations to decrease carbon emissions, safeguard natural resources and improve their corporate social responsibility now is the time to seriously consider green energy options for your business. A commercial energy audit is the first step.

New Government legislation in the United Kingdom, within the energy sector, will ultimately be a force for good and will help find innovative ways to utilise energy management and reduce carbon emissions.

Nexus Energy Solutions undertake commercial energy audits on all types of companies, ranging from small businesses to international companies looking to minimise energy waste and spot new opportunities for business energy improvement.

By following a detailed process of energy cost and efficiency analysis, system reviews, in-depth feasibility studies and professional project management we can provide our clients with bespoke reports highlighting saving on energy, money and carbon emissions.

Commercial energy audits require a professional assessor and a substantial amount of time to conduct them efficiently and to the required standard. Usually, a green energy assessor is required to physically check the building and analyse energy consumption data. A considerable amount of data and information is collected and usually years of historical utility bills are analysed in-depth and very carefully.

What does a company with thousands of commercial and industrial facilities do?

The answer? Low-cost computer tablets with cameras ease site-based data collection.

Our increased use of cloud-based software applications facilitate efficient processes and more accurate energy comparisons.
Importantly, all of this information is easily stored electronically and can be used in other applications such as asset management, maintenance, or environmental compliance software applications.

Green Commercial Energy Audits

Our energy experts offer a variety of green energy assessments. We would be delighted to discuss these with you further when you book your commercial energy audit with us today.

Our green energy assessment and audit services include:

  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), including energy efficiency and environmental impact ratings, for domestic and commercial properties
  • Targeted recommendations reports, detailing cost-effective measures which can improve buildings energy performance.
  • Energy usage auditing and analysis
  • Expert advice on improvements to the energy efficiency of properties in relation to the Government’s Green Deal
  • Actionable proposals outlining the benefits of renewable heating technologies and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).
  • Heating requirement and performance audits, encompassing a review of boiler efficiency, size and recommendations for improvement or replacement, for example, biomass or ground-source heat pump systems.
  • Renewable energy systems and site suitability assessments.

How to Best Manage Energy Usage at Your Business

The Scottish Government published “Energy in Scotland 2015” on 29th January, 2015. In the report, SG has responded to 2014 consultations and included a few features. One of them is improvement in presentation of the SG targets for renewable energy and an estimated progress on the 30% overall target on renewable energy.

When it comes to business energy audits, energy use varies from business to business. However, whatever your business is, you can be sure that it is consuming energy. Most probably this consumption is not as efficient as it should be. Below are steps to take to ensure that energy use in your business is efficient.

Have a Policy

Having an energy policy means having the senior management team write a statement (policy) that shows how committed they are in ensuring proper management of energy the impact it has on the environment.

Most of the time, this will be a part of the broader CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Big organisations should have a policy the maximum of two pages in length but small organisations just need a few paragraphs of the same.

Have a Strategy

An energy strategy refers to a document the outlines how the organisation will be using energy by limiting members to certain practices. The tasks are well planned in this document and the initial task is to understand the current position of the organisation and to establish the framework of the management.

The processes are then established and the tasks used to identify and implement specific projects that help save energy.

Have Someone Do a Commercial Energy Audit for Your Buildings

Commercial Energy Audit is the process where a professional (auditor) assesses your property for any opportunities that could help save energy.

A good audit could lead to a significant reduction in energy use (wastage). In most cases, the costs reduce by as much as 10% to 40%. Think about how good that would do to your business. If it is a big organisation, this figure could mean sinking or floating. Even when the organisation is not that big, this figure could go a long way to ensure operational stability. You can do this too with a business energy audit from Nexus Energy Solutions.

Leveraging Commercial Energy Audits Reduce Energy Costs

When it comes to running a business, one of the largest running costs is of course energy. Over the last two decades, energy costs have been rising consistently. At the same time, global pressure for energy efficiency and reduction in pollution has intensified. This is where a free energy surveycomes in handy.

Business Energy Audit in Brief

An energy audit encompasses a large variety of surveying techniques with a focus on analysis of energy use within your business facility, including equipment. The detailed process involves energy efficiency and cost savings analyses, electronic systems review, in-depth feasibility study and project management overview.

Your business gets a report from the commercial EPC Scotland energy consultant highlighting the current energy consumption, identifying energy wastage points and recommending energy saving areas and business energy solutions on carbon emission reduction. A lot of data is generated and analysed, which means only a professional assessor should oversee this process.

Commercial Energy Audit for Cost Saving

With all business processes, you need to check financial benefits or the ROI on your business. Before hiring a commercial EPC Scotland consultant for free energy advice, it is imperative to get insight on some cost-saving benefits including:

Cost Effective Energy Audit Pricing

According to the Department of Energy & Climate Change, an energy audit will cost around 1% of your total energy bills. Whether wastage points are identified or not, this low cost is negligible considering the data you get is invaluable in making strategic decisions on energy use.

Versatile Energy Data

An energy audit is the most comprehensive assessment you will ever get in your business and the data you receive can be used to optimize other areas. With electronic storage of energy audit data, these business energy solutions experts leave you with gems which you can use in asset management, environmental compliance and myriad other aspects of your business.

Reduction of Overall Operational Overhead

The comprehensiveness of a commercial energy audit means that any energy wastage areas are identified and remedies identified. Such recommendations will help reduce overall energy costs by changing your tariff, and in an economy still reeling from the global recessions, who doesn’t want to save on operational costs? With over 20% energy savings guaranteed, business energy audits should be integral business practices.

Extending Facility Life

A comprehensive commercial energy audit checks every nook and crook in your business and all energy consuming equipment. Through the process, malfunctioning systems are identified and maintenance processes initiated to reduce energy wastage. With good maintenance, your facility and equipment therein will enjoy longer life.

There are numerous other advantages of hiring professional business energy solutions. All you need is an established energy consultant to enjoy these benefits.

In Conclusion

Effective business energy solutions do not always have to do with sourcing for more energy. Of course some healthy practices such as applying renewable energy Scotland policies are an option but the most important thing is to know how to use the available energy for maximum gain.

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