We provide renewable energy as cost-effective form of energy solution which provides the UK with an alternative approach to traditional energy solutions.

20% The UK has agreed to the EU wide renewable energy target of 20% of all energy to come from renewables by 2020, in line with the EU 2009 Renewable Energy Directive
4,000,000 By 2020, The UK Government has said they want 4 million homes to have solar panels.
25% Scotland has an estimated potential of 36.5 GW of installed capacity from wind and 7.5 GW from tidal power, 25% of the estimated total capacity for the European Union for both, and up to 14 GW of wave power potential, 10% of EU capacity.

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Nexus Energy Solutions offer impartial and cost-effective renewable energy advice to SMEs, large enterprises and local Governments. A commercial or domestic EPC will highlight areas for energy improvement in your organisation and offer an alternative approach to your traditional energy management process.

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