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Air Conditioning Inspections

Did you know that air conditioning systems can account for up to one third of energy usage in a commercial building? A TM44 inspection report will provide recommendations that could help you to reduce this energy consumption.

Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers can help you to make substantial savings on your energy usage and free you from the almost constant price increases on fossil fuel. These carbon neutral energy sources will also help to improve your green credentials whilst having a beneficial impact on your local environment and the planet as a whole.

Business EPC

You will need a commercial EPC if you are selling, renting or building a new commercial property. There are some exceptions to this rule and our FAQ has more details. Your building may require one EPC or multiple EPCs depending on whether it has been split into parts and designed or altered to be used as separate accommodation.

Feasibility Study

When prospecting green energy options, using the latest technology, we can estimate attractive sites and produce you with a ranked, categorised list of potential opportunities, such as estimated capacity of the site. Find out more about our green deal assessment services and green deal schemes here.

Heat Pumps

Ground source commercial heat pumps, as their name suggests, draw heat from the ground and back up into your property. This type of heat pump is one of the most natural around as apart from using a little electricity, it uses the natural energy deep below the ground.

Project Management

Our green deal advisors will take you through each step of the process, from the start of the project to the very end. Within our project management service we will discuss all of the available renewable energy grants available to your business and provide professional energy advice Scotland and the rest of the UK would be proud of.

Solar Panels

If electricity prices continue to rise at the same rate they are now, they could easily double in ten years’ time. The sun on the other hand won’t send you a nasty bill and in under 7 years the generous Feed in Tariffs could have paid for your solar panels – this effectively means you are powering your business for free!

Wind Turbines

Not only businesses see the value in wind turbines; local authorities across the UK are encouraging the installation of renewable energy equipment, including commercial wind turbines, in new-build workplaces in their regions. To find out more about wind turbines UK & Scotland please contact us.

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