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Wind Turbines Scotland & England

Wind turbines pay dividends to users through FIT’s (feed in Tariffs) and energy saved but they also convey a positive image of your corporate social responsibility.

The UK has some of the strongest winds in Europe – 40% of the continent’s winds blow over the UK, which businesses can take advantage of.

Choosing the right energy source for a business is an increasingly important decision for businesses, as energy costs soar. Turning to alternative forms of power to reduce or replace reliance on traditional electricity forms can save a company tens of thousands of pounds each year, as well as lessening the impact of the business has on the environment.

The latest technology means choosing wind power for business can be a reality for businesses contemplating this as an electricity source. Wind turbines pay dividends to users through feed-in-tariffs and energy savings, and are also a strong symbol of corporate responsibility in action.

A Bright Future Ahead

Not only businesses see the value in wind turbines; local authorities across the UK are encouraging the installation of renewable energy equipment, including commercial wind turbines, in new-build workplaces in their regions. To find out more about wind turbines UK & Scotland please contact us.

Microgeneration, the small-scale generation of heat and electric power by individuals, small businesses and communities to meet their own needs, has an important role to play in helping to offset energy used to power supermarket, retail parks, office and industrial parks.

Embrace Renewable Energy Sources

Wind power for business is one of the main alternative power sources due to the strength of the winds that blow across the UK. In fact, more than 40% of Europe’s winds blow over the UK, therefore, capturing this source of energy means our reliance on traditional forms of electricity can be reduced.

To fully capture the advantages of renewable energy contact us to find out how we project manage wind turbines in Scotland for all sizes of projects.

Benefits Of Commercial Wind Turbines In The UK

For businesses in the right location, commercial wind turbines can help you harness the UK’s natural wind advantage and offset your company’s impact on the environment by building a commercial wind turbine for your business.

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