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TM44 Inspection Surveys

Originally adopted in 2002 by The EPBD, TM44 surveys, or inspections, allow you to find out whether or not your air conditioning unit is being used to its full efficiency. The recast Directive, originally adopted in May 2010, replaced the original Directive from 1 February 2012. If your air conditioning unit does not meet energy guidelines, this could cause problems for your business down the line, not to mention that you could also be harming the environment.

By having a survey conducted on your premises at regular intervals, you can avoid all this, giving you peace of mind over your business as well as helping you to limit your effects on the environment.

Do I need a TM44 Inspection?

The UK law says that anyone who owns an air conditioning system must have regular TM44 inspections if it has a cooling capacity of over 12kW. It must be inspected at least every five years, and this is the responsibility of every home or building owner who has an air conditioning system with a total output of over 12kW.

That means that even if you have a few small units with lower outputs, you still need an inspection if it totals more than 12kW.

TM44 Inspection FAQs

What are the benefits?

The biggest benefit to having a TM44 survey carried out is that you will be able to see precisely how energy efficient your air conditioning unit is. The report will also give you recommendations to how to make your air conditioning system more energy efficient in the future, meaning that you will be able to reduce carbon emissions, make your air conditioning system more efficient and reduce your energy bills.

The energy efficiency inspector’s recommendations will give you advice on aspects such as making your existing air conditioning system more effective, or how to replace older and less efficient systems.

When should I have an inspection?

The TM44 regulations say that:

  • For all air conditioning systems which were first put into service on or after 1 January 2008, the first inspection must have been made within 5 years of the date when the system was first put into service
  • For other air conditioning systems where the effective rated output is over 250kW the first inspection must have been done by 4 January 2009
  • For other air-conditioning systems where the effective rated output is over 12kW the first inspection must have been done by 4 January 2011

Are there penalties for not getting TM44 Inspections?

The law says that the owner of an air conditioning system must have their regular 5 yearly TM44 survey or face a fine. If you don’t commission, keep or are unable to provide the inspection report, you could be fined £300 per unit or offence.

The Trading Standards Enforcement officers are also allowed to repeatedly fine you for non-compliance on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Your TM44 inspection report should also be recorded on a Government database where they can access details about any public building with air conditioning and whether you are complying with your inspection responsibilities.

What happens during the assessor’s visit?

Here at Nexus, our team of energy assessors will carry out an in-depth survey of your air conditioning system. The assessment is two-fold:

  • A visual inspection of your air conditioning system.
  • An inspection of your air conditioning tools and controls.

You will then receive a comprehensive, accurate and in-depth report giving details about:

  • The current energy efficiency of your air conditioning system and equipment
  • Recommendations for the improvement of the efficiency of your system and equipment
  • Details of any faults and suggested actions
  • Recommendation for how to reduce your use of the air conditioning system

Although the recommendations are advised, there is no obligation to carry them out.

Getting a TM44 Inspection

It’s easy to get your TM44 survey with us here at Nexus. Our energy efficiency assessors are all professionally qualified in TM44 inspections. We require them to be members of accreditation companies who regularly audit their work and ensure that criminal record checks are up to date.

Our team of energy advisors are also on hand to talk you through the results and implications of your TM44 inspection if need be.

If you own an air conditioning system with a total output of over 12kW, you will need TM44 inspection at least every 5 years, so if you are due yours, why not get in touch with us today?

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