If you are due a TM44 inspection, then you might want to know what is involved so you know what prepare yourself for. TM44 inspections in Scotland generally include the following details:


TM44 surveys highlight the efficiency of your system and ways that you can improve it. They also help to highlight any faults that your system may be having, as well as giving you some suggested actions on how you can repair them.

Your TM44 survey will also include an inspection of the equipment to see if it is adequate for the system itself, as well as a full inspection of the installed controls and settings. Again, if there are any faults within your system, your engineer will tell you about them and how you can get them repaired so you can boost the efficiency of your system while also saving money.


Although the TM44 survey is a legal requirement, you don’t have any legal obligation to act on the recommendations. If you do act however, you would be reducing your energy cost, your carbon emissions, your air conditioning efficiency and so much more, so you are always better off making the repairs or improvements as needed as they will save you money in the future.

Your TM44 inspection might not show up any faults at all, but you may still be given various improvements which you can make to your system. For example, if your system is outdated, you may be asked if you want to upgrade it to a more energy efficient model. Even though your existing system is working fine, these improvements are always highly recommended and they could even save you money in maintenance costs in the future.

The law states that you need to have your air conditioning units legally checked via TM44 Surveys. The TM44 survey was introduced in the year 2003 by the EPBD in an attempt to limit energy consumption by businesses, so it is always important to make sure that your business is up to date with its TM44 inspections in Scotland or you could risk breaking the law. TM44 inspections are necessary because global warming is on the rise, and businesses are one of the main contributors when it comes to energy wastage.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning is not energy efficient, then you may be asked to replace it with a more energy efficient model. This is more of a benefit rather than a legal requirement, because it will save your business money in the long run. You will also find that by being in compliance with TM44 regulations, you can also advertise your business as being energy efficient, and this alone is very appealing to customers and other partnering companies.

TM44 Surveys

TM44 surveys also allow you to find out whether or not your air conditioning unit is being used to its full efficiency. If your air conditioning unit does not meet energy guidelines, this could cause problems for your business down the line, not to mention that you could also be harming the environment. By having a TM44 survey conducted on your premises at regular intervals, you can avoid all this, giving you peace of mind over your business as well as helping you to limit your effects on the environment.

Overall, TM44’s are incredibly useful, and they should be seen as this and not just as a legal requirement.

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