Commercial Feasibility Study

Feasibility Studies & Green Energy Solutions

As a commercial energy assessor we aim to provide all of our clients with impartial energy advice.

Typically, a feasibility study provides the opportunity to weigh every potential risks and reward in developing a green energy project.

The initial stages of developing a renewable energy project should ultimately commence with validating a suitable site for development and assessing its feasibility.

During this stage your business should be concerned with asking questions such as, where should we develop? Have we gone through structured process for selection? Do we believe there will be barriers which may arise if we develop on this land?

Nexus Energy Solutions Ltd. are here to assist in finding the best sustainable energy solutions and answers to the above questions. This will allow your business to objectively evaluate your options and mitigate any development risks associated with the project.

As a professional renewable energy company we prospect initial sites using the latest technology. Obviously, during this initial analysis stage we factor in possible project set-backs, environmental limitations and provide developers with crucial development sites within specific geographical locations.

When prospecting green energy options, using the latest technology, we can estimate attractive sites and produce you with a ranked, categorised list of potential opportunities, such as estimated capacity of the site. Find out more about our green deal assessment services and green deal schemes here.

Field Assessments & Business Renewable Energy Solutions

A typical study will include some or all of the following factors:

  • Potential visual and noise concerns
  • Potential wind monitoring locations, including site coordinates, access, and surroundings
  • A resource assessment
  • A preliminary layout, turbine selection, and energy production estimates
  • Technical feasibility and technology options
  • UK Regulatory requirements and challenges

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