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Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Nexus Energy Solutions offer a variety of green energy options aimed at helping businesses across the UK to make significant energy improvements in order to reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption and costs.

“Going green” can be described as using green energy options which utilise sources of power which are well-known for being non-polluting, therefore, reducing carbon emissions into Earth’s atmosphere.

It is also an environmentally friendly means of finding power which will remedy the effects of pollutants as well as help prevent future global warming.


We can help you today with our robust and reliable green energy options.

Business Energy Advice Service

As a commercial energy assessor we work closely with local businesses to ensure they are prepared for the upcoming changes to the Energy Act.

These major changes could prohibit commercial landlords from letting a property that has a poor EPC rating. These regulations could come into force as early as April 2015 and will affect any commercial property.

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Methods of Reducing Energy Consumption & Green Energy Options

There are many ways you can improve the way your business uses energy. From replacing an old inefficient boiler to installing solar panels, wind turbines and biomass boilers. We have the expertise to give you professional advice that is tailored to your business and premises.

There are also various renewable energy grants and incentives which are in place to help you improve your business’ energy efficiency. These are schemes designed by the Government to help home and business owners to access the many energy efficient systems and solutions which are available. For example, boiler replacement grants, energy efficiency grants, green energy grants, solar panel grants and government energy grants for your business.

Green Energy Benefits

More and more businesses today are realising the cost saving and reputation boosting potential of improving their energy efficiency. Here are just some of the ways your business can benefit:

Boost the reputation of your brand or organisation – when you switch to a greener system, you immediately prove to your customers, stakeholders, employees and investors that you care about the effects your business has on the environment and on reducing energy consumption.

Reduce energy costs across your business – switching to an energy efficient means of powering your business could reduce your energy costs significantly. In fact, when you switch to some renewable energy supplies, you free yourself from energy costs completely.

A stable energy supply for your business – our fossil fuels are running out and all of us need to look into energy alternatives.

By switching to renewable energy sources now, you will be creating a stable and continuous energy supply that saves you money and keeps your business running well into the future.

Commercial EPC & Green Deal Assessments

By arranging a commercial EPC survey, you can gain a better understanding on the energy rating of your building and any measures you need to take to improve its rating. Our energy experts can give you advice on the energy improvements you can make, the cost savings they can experience and any other benefits switching to a more efficient energy source can bring to their business. For example, by switching to a renewable energy source, you could generate additional revenue for your business through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Nexus Energy Solutions are an accredited energy assessment provider. Speak to us today to find out more about arranging a commercial EPC or find out more about making the switch with our professional renewable energy services. Discover how your business can benefit from our renewable energy services and advice. We would be delighted to assist. Call us today on 01413 452 180.