Assessing the Impact of Future Energy Legislation on Corporations

If you are a keen business investor, which you should be, it is obvious you have been following the energy efficiency debate with a lot of interest. For the last two decades, the issue of renewable energy has become a feature of global forums from the U.N to EEC.

Ambitious Renewable Energy Goals

Today the need for a commercial EPC (energy performance certificate) has brought this debate to your doorstep. As a suave business owner or institution administrator, it is important to understand the decision of Department of Energy & Climate Change ambitious plan to produce 15% of UK’s energy from renewable sources, while also cutting carbon emissions by 34% over the same period.

The new legislation policies will no doubt have some impact on corporations. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), for instance, now targets both household owners and commercial entities. The Non-domestic RHI, which was launched in 2011 as part of the government’s efforts to curb energy wastage and pollution, is a win-win solution, according to experts.

Leveraging Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

RHI is the underpinning of the UK’s efforts to cut energy use by 11%, while also enhancing uptake of renewable energy. Well, as a business owner, there are myriad benefits these new legislations on energy efficiency will bring to your operations:

  1. Enhanced Financial Support for EPC & Free energy advice

There is no denying that an EPC Glasgow energy consultant is invaluable for your business. However, the cost can be limiting and this is where the incentives from the government come in. You are to acquire your commercial EPC without ruining your business operations.

  1. Cost Cutting by Incorporating Renewable Energy

With financial incentives from programs such as RHI, your business can easily leverage the expertise of an EPC Edinburgh consultant to eventually integrate affordable sources of power into the system. Your corporation will end up saving on energy as these professionals have prerequisite expertise in choosing viable energy sources.

With costs savings of up to 75%, with installation costs catered by government schemes, you can bet your business will have a better bottom-line over time. What’s more, you are guaranteed a 20% ROI with the RHI program, especially when you use a reliable EPC Edinburgh consultant for a free energy survey.

  1. Reduced Bureaucracy

Changes to RHI in 2013 have greatly improved uptake of renewable energy according to the National Housing Federation (NHF). With reduced suspicion between different energy industry players, the efficiency of RHI and other renewable energy policies has increased. This means your corporations can easily join the scheme and within no time, the benefits will start showing.

As more renewable energy policies get implemented your corporation needs free energy advice, free energy survey or an EPC Glasgow company to get help on eligibility, implementation and overall energy efficiency installations.