Business Energy Solutions & Advice

In order to remain competitive, businesses need to find every possible means of saving money and this is where a commercial energy audit can be invaluable. EPC London can offer an EPC assessment which will give you suggestions on how to save money.


How does a commercial energy audit work?

The audit will begin with an assessment. An energy consultant will visit the property and carry out an extensive survey into the property and equipment the business uses so they can suggest ways to save money on energy bills.Typical areas to be assessed will include lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration and heating systems etc. Anything that consumes energy will be assessed.

Although it isn’t necessary, business owners can choose to give our expert surveyor access to their energy bills so they can get a better idea of the businesses current energy costs.


What happens next?

Once the assessment has been completed, the company will send the report offering advice on what needs to be done in order to make the necessary changes to start saving money on energy bills, as well as explaining how it can make the work environment more environmentally friendly. The report that will be sent will give detailed business energy advice and explain what you need to do to make the work environment more energy efficient.

The report will suggest all of the necessary business energy solutions the company needs to implement in order to maximise savings and reduce any unnecessary energy waste; we will do all of the hard work for you. Our experts will carry all of the necessary research on the behalf of your business to find environmentally friendly, lower energy solutions to help reduce the company’s operating costs and enable you to maximise profits.

In addition to providing energy advice, the report will also explain the level of savings the company can expect to make once all of the measures we have outlined have been introduced.


The Benefits of a commercial energy audit

While there are no obligations to accept any of the recommendations carried out in an assessment, there are many benefits to adopting the business energy solutions suggested in the report.

These include better air-quality so the environment is safe for your staff and visitors, a lower carbon footprint, which will enhance your businesses environmentally friendly credentials, and it could even improve the property value.

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