Business Energy Solutions – What are the best options?

There are a variety of business energy solutions available to small-medium-enterprises (SMEs) and larger corporate businesses. Some of these enable companies to dramatically reduce their overheads and protect/build their corporate social responsibility strategy.

New EU legislation has also been a force which has driven an increased demand in alternative business energy solution adoptions.

For example, wind turbinessolar panels and biomass boilers are now viable and cost-effective energy solutions which can deliver real return on investment.

As businesses look to the future with hope of reducing their costs and increase their revenue. They look at ways of saving money. As the cost of using gas and electricity is increasing dramatically businesses are now looking at alternative strategies which can reduce monetary costs and their carbon footprint.

Certain questions should be asked when evaluating when a business may need to re-think their energy strategy and look at appropriate alternative business energy solutions. For example:

  • Does your business wish to reduce overall operating costs and reduce your overheads?
  • Does your business want to take advantage of UK Government financial advice which can lead to a profitable return on investment?
  • How long has your energy solution been running for and will you benefit from green energy options?

Business energy specialists provide services across a variety business sectors. Crucial factors to first consider should be:

– Undertake in-depth commercial energy audits
– Get advice and help on all areas of renewable energy and creating a carbon free strategy

Buying and using energy cost effectively can be difficult and often very complex.

Optimising energy use is a fairly recent phenomenon for the majority of organisations. Often companies have a very clear idea of their annual energy spend – however – when it comes to understanding how and where it’s used within their business, this is a much different story.

However, it is not an obstacle which can’t be overcome. Take, for example, two other main business expenses – property and people. Under-utilised properties and over-manned workforces used to be significant issues for many companies.

Energy management is rarely represented at board level, and how it’s utilised is often badly understood, even though it costs businesses millions of pounds per year. The most effective solution is to find out what and where you spend your energy on. Then can you see which solutions will bring the most efficient results.

With a holistic approach to energy, business energy solutions can be integrated in a way where the whole will deliver much more than the sum of its parts.