Air Pollution and Energy Mismanagement

How Can Energy Management Save the Environment

Energy takes many forms: heat, sound, movement, chemical, and so forth. By its nature, it is a fundamental part of the universe, and we have the knowledge to exploit energy, be it the chemical energy in your phone battery or the sound energy given out by a drum set. Our ability to exploit the conversion…

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Common Energy Management Mistakes for Businesses

Consumers and Business to Business companies (B2B) are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental costs of commerce. People are placing a greater emphasis on the consciences of the companies and organisations that they connect with. Knowing a company has an environmentally-conscious approach is becoming as important as brand principles. Business owners are increasingly looking for…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Property Environmentally Friendly

Business and commerce are under increasing pressure to be more environmentally friendly in all areas. There is a particular emphasis on waste, energy, and water. ┬áThe decisions and practices you make about these can impact hugely on customer perception of your company as well as having potentially significant savings to your bottom line. Keeping your…

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What you can do to be more Energy Efficient in 2019

One of the best ways to reduce expenses in your home is to become more energy efficient. It can be difficult to determine the ways you can save energy and reduce your consumption. On the surface, you might become more conscious about what is being used around you. Lights may be left off, the kettle…

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What you need to know about ESOS Phase 2?

The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) was introduced by the Government to help improve the energy efficiency of large organisations in the UK. Under the new rules, any organisation that meets the ESOS criteria must calculate their energy usage and assess their energy performance at least once every four years, in order to identify energy-saving…

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Initial ESOS Regulations 2014

What are the ESOS Regulations? The ESOS Regulations 2014 were brought in by the UK Government to assess the energy efficiency of large organisations and to identify energy saving opportunities. The legislation aims to make organisations more energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions. Under the new rules, all organisations that qualify under ESOS much complete…

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EPC London

How to Read Your Energy Performance Certificate

If you are buying, selling, or renting out a property in the UK, you will be aware that the building must have an up to date Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). You can get an EPC by visiting EPC London today. An EPC is a certificate which is issued following an assessment by specialist assessors, which…

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London landlords – ensuring your property meets energy standards

For anyone who is a landlord in London, there is pressure to ensure that their properties are rented out and that they are maintaining sufficient rental income to make continuing as a landlord profitable. If rental income reduces too much, landlords can begin to experience serious financial difficulties. At a time when rents for London…

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Free Green Energy Survey & Advice

Top Energy Saving Tips for This Winter

Winter is coming, and along with it comes longer nights, freezing temperatures, and increased energy bills. Are you looking for ways to save money, make your home more energy efficient, and reduce your carbon footprint this Winter? Well look no further! Here are our top tips on how you can stay warm while being energy…

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earth energy

How Far is the World from Climate Catastrophe?

At a recent summit in Korea of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), scientists and researchers presented a 33-page report with a recommendation that global warming needs to be controlled to the extent of not allowing temperatures to increase by more than 1.5┬░ above pre-industrial levels. The Summary for Policymakers is a result of…

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