“Cut Your Consumption – Go for Green!”

The grass is greener on the other side, so they say? Well perhaps this time it is. We could all do with that extra bit of cash. What about the possibility of clearing that lingering debt? Nexus Energy Solutions has the expertise to advise you on reducing your carbon footprint and benefit from reduced energy costs.

Green for You

Bills, bills, bills. A fact of life maybe, but another fact worth noting is that energy efficient homes reduce bills. Simple changes such as energy-saving bulbs and inserting energy-saving fixtures on to your windows and doors will lower your electricity bill.

Even your water bill can be reduced through the use of energy- efficient toilets. Scripps Networks revealed that the average toilet manufactured pre 1982 used between five and seven gallons of water when it was flushed. Energy-efficient toilets use slightly over a gallon, a massive difference that can contribute to a substantial saving.

Thinking of home improvements or considered selling your home in the future? Choices you make now could increase your homes value. When renovating your bathroom you should consider the energy-saving options such as installing energy-saving showers and toilet systems. With society’s growth in eco-friendly living, energy-saving homes receive greater attention in the housing market. Solar panels and wind turbines are becoming increasingly popular. The larger the improvement the higher your home will value. A report by the UK government states that making energy saving improvements to your property could increase its value by 14% on average.


Green for your Business

Are you an economically-friendly business? A green business projects a positive brand image. Environmental organisations are keen to expose companies for their irresponsible behaviour. Don’t give them that opportunity. Going green removes this threats and promotes credibility. It sets a good example to your employees and promotes long-term sustainability. Positive marketing will attract eco-friendly consumers resulting in a greater share of the market and you will also appeal to the younger, environmentally Energy efficient alterations to your company has the ability to save your company thousands yearly. Sales increases are likely as consumers and companies opt to deal with environmentally friendly businesses.

Ideas include making adaptations to the heating and ventilation in your offices. What about energy-efficient lighting that will cause your energy bills to plummet? What’s more! The Government has designed a scheme to assist businesses and home-owners in turning green.

There is a selection of grants and incentives available to help increase your businesses energy-efficiency. Grants can be used towards the cost of boiler replacements, solar panels and heating and ventilation options.

Going Green with Nexus Energy Solutions

Going green is the smart decision. Don’t know where to begin? Providing Scotland with an extensive range of energy-efficiency services, Nexus Energy Solutions offers an outstanding service to individual home owners, landlords and businesses. Your first point of call for advice on energy efficiency, carrying out technical surveys and sourcing the appropriate funding.

Nexus Energy Solutions provides an extensive list of services such as renewable energy advice, guidance on meeting the 2018 minimum standard laws, EPCs, green deal assessments, advice on government incentives and options involving free funding.

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With quality experience in working on projects with Housing Associations, Letting Agents, Renewable Installation companies as well as individual home owners, landlords and business owners, Nexus Energy Solutions has the ability to guide you through each process with such professionalism that they make your transition to Green a smooth and almost effortless journey.