Energy Performance Certificates – Why Would Our Business Require One?

Energy Performance Certificates were first introduced in 2007. If a commercial business or domestic household has been put up for sale or for rent, then they must be in possession of an Energy Performance Certificate.

As soon as you start marketing your property as available for sale, then you must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which can be obtained by having an assessment carried out by an authorised assessor. In order for the certificate to be valid, the assessment must be carried out by a certified domestic energy assessor. Our EPC London team or EPC Glasgow team can help you there.

The Importance of EPCs

The certificates are important as they give detailed information about how energy efficient the property is. With spiralling energy bills, this is something that is increasingly important to individuals looking for a new property, and it will help to give information about the building’s energy efficiency as well as providing the current rating of a property.

Getting a commercial EPC in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen

The certificates were introduced in Scotland over a two year period, which ended in 2009. The requirement for an Energy Performance Certificate was applied to all properties that are available for sale or rent. Certificates will also be necessary when a new building has been constructed.

Most residents or commercial business owners in Scotland need to get on EPC certificate in Scotland or an EPC certificate in Edinburgh if they rent, sell or build a property; a page of assessors can be found by visiting the website.

Displaying Certificates

In Scotland, government guidelines state that the EPC certificate must be displayed somewhere on the property; it is suggested they are displayed somewhere prominent such as on a boiler or close to the meter cupboard.

A commercial EPC must be displayed if the building receives regular visits from the public or if its useful floor space measures more than 500 m².


If a property is built, sold or rented then it must have a valid EPC certificate so it is essential that you get one before you start to market the premises. Fines can be anything from £500-£5000 and will be based on the rateable value of your premises.


However, some buildings are exempt. These include places of worship, holiday accommodation, but only if it is rented out the four months or less, listed buildings, and buildings that will only be used for four months of the year or less.

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