Domestic Biomass Boilers

Biomass Boilers & Boiler Replacement Grants Scotland

Installing a domestic biomass heating system will help you save on costs for your domestic property, lower your home’s carbon footprint, and can even make you some extra money on the side. By taking advantage of biomass green energy solutions you will find yourself back in control of the amount of energy you use in your home and how much you spend.

Domestic biomass boilers will provide you with the ability to make considerable savings on your energy use, and set you free from the consistent price increases of fossil fuels. This form of green energy solution also has benefits your local environment, as well as the planet as a whole.

Nexus Energy Solutions connect you with the most recent methods of energy efficiency improvements, and can advise you on schemes and funding which could help you afford them with minimal capital expenditure.

Boiler Grants Scotland & England

By installing a biomass system in your domestic property, you may be eligible to receive regular payments for every kWh of heat produced by your boiler under the UK government scheme Renewable Heat Incentive (RNI). Why not protect your home today from unnecessary fuel costs? Nexus provide professional project management for boiler grants in Scotland & England.

Your domestic property will benefit not only from a reduction in energy costs, but gain independence from the rising prices of fossil fuels. Lowering your energy consumption also reduces your carbon footprint, and helps to achieve green credentials and meet sustainability targets.

Domestic Suitability

The majority of domestic properties in the UK are eligible to have a biomass boiler installed. You must however either own your home, or be a social or private landlord. Biomass, unlike other green energy solutions, is not reliant on the weather or location of your property, so can be integrated to work seamlessly with your current heating components.

One problem which you could run into when considering investing in a biomass boiler is that, they typically require more space than conventional heating systems. Rest assured that our experts on biomass boilers in Scotland & England will assess your property and advise you on the most appropriate location for the installation of your new boilers and its component to ensure that it causes the least disruption to your life.

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