Domestic Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Scotland & UK

Nexus Energy Solutions provide domestic heat pump systems which can reduce costs, as well as your carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Whether you need a boiler for a new-build, or need to replace an existing one, we can perform a commercial heat pump assessment, and provide you with domestic energy performance certificate with recommendation on which heating system would be best for you.

Among of the most efficient heating systems available right now are Air source commercial heat pumps which work by absorbing heat in the air and then distributing it efficiently around your home.

These pumps are not only green, clean, and affordable, but are a natural method of providing your home with heat, and hot water. Heat pumps in Scotland & UK require small amounts of electricity in order to operate, which compared to a traditional heater, will cut your costs considerably.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

One of the most natural heat pumps available are Ground source domestic heat pumps, which work by drawing natural energy directly from the ground and back up into your home, using small amounts of electricity in the process.

Installation of these pumps normally consists of burying a range of pipes in the ground which carry heat to your heating system, hot water system, underfloor heating system, and other components.

What Are The Cost Savings?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is an initiative launched by the UK government to promote the use of renewable heat in domestic and non-domestic properties to help the UK reduce its carbon emission and meet renewable energy targets.

People who participate in the scheme are eligible to receive payments every three months for seven years for the estimated amount of renewable heat that their system produces. Domestic heat pumps are just one of the green energy solutions included in the scheme.

UK Government Grants

We can provide you with information and recommendations about green deal assessments, as well as other schemes and funding options that may be available to you in the UK. Speak to Nexus Energy Solutions today to see how you can cut your costs and reduce your environmental impact.

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We would be happy to provide you with impartial advice on how you can tap into this natural and efficient heat source.

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