Project Management

Project Management & Domestic Renweable Energy Solutions

The role of project management, within the green energy sector, has become much more demanding in terms of a technical and financial perspective. In fact, project management is integral to the success of many green energy projects across the globe, therefore, getting impartial domestic energy advice has never been so important.

We aren’t just domestic EPC providers or an energy advice service, we work with Governments, businesses across the UK and closely with the energy sector to incorporate renewables into robust green energy strategies.

Our green deal advisors will take you through each step of the process, from the start of the project to the very end. Within our project management service and green deal assessments we will discuss all of the available renewable energy saving grants available for your home s and provide professional energy advice Scotland and the rest of the UK would be proud of.

Renewable Energy Advice Scotland & England

Offering an independent, flexible and impartial approach with the main aim of providing excellence every step of the way. Our qualified energy project managers have access to a variety of technical resources which assist in handling complex domestic energy projects.

As a commercial energy assessor we feel that no two projects are the same, therefore, we individually assess each business with our strict guidelines and project requirements. By maintaining productive and responsive business relationships with all of our clients and partners we can build trust in our brand and services.

A holistic and proactive approach to each individual project allows us to capture all of the required data, meaning we can improve your business’ energy efficiency.

Project Management Services

  • Domestic project management suited to your specifications and requirements
  • Feasibility studies and green deal assessment
  • Professional Domestic regulatory energy advice

For more information on our project management services please contact us on 0141 345 2180 or e-mail