Why Free Energy Advice Can Help Reduce Your Energy Bill

Many businesses are not aware of how much energy that their business wastes. However, by getting some free energy advice, it can be possible to make a significant reduction in the bills that your business faces and help to reduce the running costs of your company. EPC London is one of our offices available to give you that advice.

What happens after a free energy assessment?

When an energy assessment is carried out, a free report will be issued. The report includes optional methods of helping you to save money on your energy bills and will highlight areas of energy wastage that you might not have been aware of before. By implementing the measures outlined in the report, a householder or business can significantly reduce their energy bills.

How will a free energy survey reduce bills?

There are many ways in which having a free energy advice assessment completed can help to reduce energy bills. These include:

Free Grants

By speaking to our energy advice centre, it is possible to get the information you need about any free Grants that the householder or business might be entitled to. There are several schemes available that can enable the owner of the premises to access grants so they can make the required improvements to help save on energy bills. This might include getting funding towards green energy supplies such as solar power or installing insulation to help reduce electricity bills.

Problem Areas

When receiving free energy advice, the householder or owner of the premises will be made aware of the problem areas around the premises that need to be fixed. For instance, the energy report might highlight problems with windows and doors that could be easily fixed by implementing additional draught proofing. With adequate draught proofing in place, it is possible to save a significant amount of money on the energy bills every year.

Smart Meters

A program to install smart meters is currently underway in the UK, however, in the meanwhile a free energy advice survey could help to identify the appliances in your premises that are the least energy-efficient and help you to save a significant amount on your energy bills by identifying which appliances use at the greatest amount of energy.

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