Green Business Energy Solutions & Advice For Small-Medium-Enterprises

Are you thinking of going green in the near future? Many businesses will soon be required to reduce their carbon footprint and cut their energy emissions.

Therefore, what types of business energy solutions are available for companies to take advantage of?

Firstly, green energy options such as wind turbines, solar panels, biomass boilers and heat pumps can seriously reduce your business energy costs.

What other benefits do these type of renewable technologies provide?

You could improve your corporate social responsibility strategy, which will only add value to your brand. In addition, your business can reduce its annual energy consumption and costs which ultimately leads to more efficient day to day operations.

Energy performance certificates (EPC) are an effective means of analysing a building’s energy consumption. Undertaking a domestic or commercial energy audit is essential to distinguish between whether your energy strategy is working and if not, you will find out why not.

Switching to green energy options highlights your business in an ethical manner to customers and suppliers. Businesses generally see a high return-on-investment over the years.

Approximately 30% of energy used in buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily. When it comes to business energy advice and utilising energy more efficiently a lot of people don’t know where to begin.

In addition, energy management is often under represented on the board, therefore, companies are not savvy enough to understand how much energy they are using.

Office equipment accounts for roughly 15% of electrical energy used in all UK offices. These statistics are expected to rise above 30% by 2020.

What impact can more efficient energy consumption have on Scotland?

Recently, John Swinney announced new funds for energy efficiency:

“With nearly 40% of Scottish homes in fuel poverty, today’s announcement is very welcome. Energy efficiency is the best way to tackle fuel poverty and it’s in the Scottish government’s power to address the chronic issue of cold, damp, draughty homes.

“Looking ahead to the target to eradicate fuel poverty by 2016, it’s clear that much more needs to be done, including making energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority and funding it properly. Today’s announcement is a welcome step along this road however, and we need to make sure that progress is maintained. Nobody in Scotland should be struggling to maintain a basic level of warmth in their home.”

Free domestic and business energy saving advice

If you have any questions about saving energy at home or for your business Nexus Energy Solutions can offer you free advice, information packs and discounts with innovative energy saving methods.