Green Energy Solutions for Commercial Business

Participating in a free energy survey can deliver significant savings to a business and ensure the premises is being run in an environmentally friendly way. Our EPC London offices and EPC Glasgow team are available to help you save money. There are numerous different business energy solutions that can be useful in assisting a business to achieve its aims of saving money on its running costs. These include:

Tm44 inspections Scotland, UK and Wales

Tm44 surveys and inspections are mandatory. During an inspection, the air conditioning system will be assessed to see how efficient it is; this is to ascertain how energy efficient the company’s air conditioning system is.

Assessments can only by carried out by companies authorised to do so and a free energy report will be issued once the inspection has been carried out.

The inspections need to be repeated at five yearly intervals.

Solar Panels in Glasgow, Scotland

Solar panels are increasingly being used as a greener way of fuelling a property and they can be made available to both commercial and domestic premises as part of the Green Deal. In order to determine eligibility, it will be necessary for the property to undergo a free energy survey. The free energy report, which will be issued after the inspection has been completed, will make suggestions to improve energy efficiency. This might include making steps such as installing a new boiler, adding insulation or installing solar panels.

Solar Panels in Britain

The Green Deal is also open to householders in Britain. The process is the same as it is in Scotland; the premises will have to undergo an assessment by an approved provider.

When the assessment has been completed, the owner of the premises will be issued with a report that makes suggestions for improving energy efficiency; there is no obligation to have any of the work completed if you don’t want to.

Getting advice

For further information on how a commercial company can benefit from commercial green energy solutions, the next step is to contact a local business that has been authorised to carry out energy assessments and offer free energy advice on commercial energy solutions; these organisations are the best placed to offer easy to follow advice on what actions need to be carried out to make the work environment more energy efficient, thus reducing the running costs of the business.