How an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) can add value to your commercial property

Lowering energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency are turning into the key considerations for many organisations who want to improve their sustainability. With the introduction of new Government energy legislations, UK businesses are faced with even more challenges, since they need to comply with the new regulations to stay competitive. EPC London are able to assist you in obtaining an EPC.

One new legislation states that an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required whenever a property is sold, rented or built. The EPC is an official document in which a property’s energy efficiency is rated from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and contains information about the energy costs and energy use of the building. Commercial property owners are required by low to have an Energy Performance Certificate, but this also has certain benefits that could improve the sustainability of their business and add value to their property.

Proof that standards are met

As a commercial property owner you are required to meet the energy standards set by the Government. A new legislation published in the Energy Act 2011 states that by April 2018 leasing of commercial properties that do not meet the UK energy standards will be prohibited. For businesses dealing with commercial properties this will require the undertaking of refurbishment or upgrading of the building to ensure that energy efficiency measures are incorporated. If a property fails to meet the standards the owner is facing a fine of up to £5,000. An Energy Performance Certificate is the document that certifies that a property is complying with the set energy legislations and is the key proof a business can present to government officials.

Improving property attractiveness

A commercial property with good energy consumption and ratings attracts more potential tenants and buyers. As a result of government legislations from July 2011, landlords are now obliged to provide the property’s EPC to potential tenants and buyers when it is advertised on the market. This enables them to see the current energy performance of the building and serves as a proof of quality and reliability. From a business perspective a commercial property with EPC is seen as greener and more energy efficient, making it more competitive on the market. The display of the EPC in the premises, works towards improving the trust potential tenants and buyers have in your business and increase the perceived value of your property.

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Lowering costs

An Energy Performance Certificate contains information about the current performance of your commercial property, but also sets out a list of recommendations on energy use reductions. These serve as a benchmark against which a commercial property can be continuously upgraded and refurbished. A building with improved energy performance has lower costs associated with energy consumption which makes it more attractive to buyers or tenants and also enable the premises to be sold or leased at higher prices which increases the value they add to your business.

Access to energy grants and loans

The Energy Performance Certificate of a commercial property can be used in the application for Government energy grants and loans, as well as in Green Deal Finance. These include financial support with energy-saving improvements, such as insulation, heating, draught-proofing, double glazing and renewable energy generation. The EPC gives your business access to energy grants and loans that can help you save money while enabling you to meet the energy legislations and increase the value of your commercial property.

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