How to Ensure your Business is Running as Energy Efficiently as Possible

Making your business more energy efficient is a quick way to save money and reduce your environmental impact. Most businesses have plenty of opportunities to save energy, lower carbon emissions, and slash their monthly utility bills. Here are some suggestions to ensure that your business is running as energy efficiently as possible.

Book a commercial energy audit

A good starting point is to book a business energy audit to gain an overview of the energy efficiency of your business property and operations. A commercial energy performance certificate (EPC) is a report that shows how energy efficient a building is. Your property will be given an energy rating of A-G. Grade A is awarded to the most efficient buildings and G is given to the least energy efficient. The report will also provide you with valuable recommendations to boost the energy performance of your commercial property and save money on energy. You can also book energy inspections of individual appliances and machinery. For instance, Nexus Energy Solutions explain how any business that owns an air conditioning unit with a cooling capacity of over 12kW must have a TM44 inspection at least once every five years. A TM44 inspection will check how energy efficient your air conditioning unit is. The survey will also provide you with recommendations to make your cooling system more energy efficient in the future.

Invest in energy saving improvements

Investing in energy saving upgrades may seem expensive, but small changes can have a big impact and the costs are likely to be recovered quickly through cost-saving benefits. For instance, switching your office lighting to LEDs could result in a 20% reduction in energy costs, according to Completing an energy audit is a great way to get recommendations on the best energy saving improvements. Here are a few of the top ways to make your commercial building more energy efficient:

  • Replace old windows and doors with more efficient designs, i.e., double or triple glazed.
  • Eliminate cold draughts by sealing gaps and using draught excluders.
  • Upgrade to more energy efficient appliances.
  • Install a solar panel system on the roof of your commercial property so you can generate green renewable energy. You could also consider switching to a green energy supplier.
  • Install a programmable thermostat in the office to reduce wasted energy.
  • Add extra insulation to your walls, floors, and ceiling to prevent heat from escaping.
  • Make use of natural light by positioning workstations next to windows. You could also maximise natural light in your office by installing larger windows or skylights.

Switch to a green energy supplier

The UK energy market has grown rapidly over the years and businesses now have many choices beyond traditional coal, oil, and gas. Now, companies can choose to ditch fossil fuels in favour of renewable energy from green sources like solar or wind. Switching to a green energy supplier is a quick and easy way to reduce carbon emissions and make your company more sustainable. There is a common misconception that green energy providers are more expensive, but switching to renewable energy could actually be cheaper. A recent survey found that half of the top 10 cheapest tariffs are from green providers. Renewable energy providers tend to be smaller, which means you may also benefit from better customer support and personalised energy plans.

Educate staff on energy saving habits

It is always a good idea to get your employees involved in your energy saving efforts. You are going to find it impossible to maintain an energy efficient workplace if your staff forget to switch lights off or keep leaving their computer monitors on all day and night. Research by energy company E.ON found that UK businesses are wasting over £30 million a day by leaving computers on at night. Reminding your employees to turn their computer monitors off when they leave the office is a simple way to boost your energy efficiency and save money on your electricity bills. Some other energy saving habits to encourage in the workplace include using natural sunlight instead of artificial lights, putting computers in hibernation mode, and only printing when necessary.


As you can see, there are dozens of easy ways to make your business more energy efficient. Going green will lower your carbon footprint and help you reduce your environmental impact. Making your commercial property more energy efficient is also an excellent way to reduce your energy usage and slash your monthly utility bills. Try some of the above suggestions to become more sustainable, improve your green credentials, and save money.