How to Know if You Need a TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection

If you have had a commercial EPC that has a poor energy efficiency rating, it could be your air-conditioning that is costing you more than it should. Air-conditioning systems in commercial premises require a TM44 inspection every five years to comply with legislation.

The purpose of the inspection is to provide owners and managers with information about how energy-efficient their cooling systems are. The report also provides advice on how to save money by being more energy efficient when it comes to cooling your office or commercial premises. A modern and effective air conditioning system will not only save on maintenance and repair bills, but it will also use less energy.

Although any guidance does not have to be acted upon, business owners and managers can make an informed decision based on the TM44 inspection report. In some cases, energy costs have been drastically reduced without any significant outlay in new systems. Inappropriate controls and settings may be causing both heating and cooling systems to be operating simultaneously – a clear case of producing excessive CO2 emissions and burning money unnecessarily.

Once a TM44 report has been made, a copy is lodged on the government database. Enforcement can easily be checked at any time, so it pays to stay legal. Failure to arrange a TM44 inspection when due has a statuary fine of £300. There is an additional £200 fine if you fail to provide the outstanding report within 7 days of request.

What is a TM44 Inspection?

The purpose of a TM44 inspection is to provide a report to business owners and managers on how energy efficient their air-conditioning is. While following the advice is not imperative, having a TM44 inspection every five years is.

A TM44 inspection involves a visit by an accredited energy assessor. They will undertake a full review of all of your air-conditioning systems, including the control settings. It includes an appraisal of whether the system is adequate and effective for the square footage.

The report will also make recommendations on how your cooling systems could be more energy efficient, which may include tweaking controls that involve no financial outlay. They may also recommend replacement or alternative cooling solutions.

Who Needs a TM44 Inspection?

According to the Government Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations, all commercial buildings must have air conditioning systems inspected every five years if they have an output exceeding 12w. It also applies to systems made up of several individual units that are less than 12w, but whose combined output exceeds 12w.

The first TM44 inspection should take place before the air-conditioning is 5 years old, and further inspections should be scheduled every 5 years (or less) thereafter. 

If you have an air-conditioning system that is approaching its 5th year of operation, or you have not had a TM44 inspection in the last 60 months, you should schedule an inspection right away.

As we have already shown, getting a professional inspection of your cooling system and a written report of recommended improvements could be the first step to cutting your energy bills dramatically.

Why Bother with a TM44 Inspection?

The TM44 Inspection serves several purposes:

  • The inspection provides you with a full report on how energy-efficient your current system is
  • It provides recommendations on how you could make improvements to your air-conditioning. Some recommendations are low-cost or no-cost
  • The report focuses on using less energy which will save you money
  • It allows companies to make smart decisions based on a professional report of their individual premises
  • It promotes the use of less energy, lowering CO2 emissions which is good for the environment and our health
  • It means you stay legal and can avoid suddenly being faced with a fine for non-compliance

How to Know When a TM44 Inspection is Required

Many companies are unaware of when the last TM44 inspection took place, if at all. Contact us, and we can help you decide if you should have a TM44 inspection to ensure you are fully compliant with the current legislation.

Now you know all about TM44 inspections and have all the facts at your fingertips, you can ensure that you stay compliant. It also provides you with the facts you need to make the best decisions to keep your company energy efficient when it comes to air-conditioning systems.