How to Sell Your Property for a Better Price

Selling a property can be a highly stressful endeavour. If you do everything you can from your side to have your home as attractive and ready-to-buy as possible you are more likely to sell quickly and get the best price possible. In this article, we look at some simple things you can do to speed up the sale of your home and help you achieve the best price.

Obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

When selling or renting a property in the UK you are legally required to have your property undergo an energy assessment to produce a domestic Energy Performance Certificate prior to putting your property on the market.  This is to help potential buyers or tenants make an informed decision about buying or renting the property.

An EPC is also helpful to discover ways to impactfully improve your property. A domestic EPC not only gives information about the current state of your home’s energy efficiency but also includes recommendations on how to improve it. If these improvements are made, your property will be more attractive to potential buyers or tenants by making it more energy-efficient.

Improve Your Property’s First Impression

First impressions count! Think about what a potential buyer will think if they had to drive past your property or park up in front of it for the first time. It is worthwhile to walk outside and take a critical look at your property and find any areas of potential improvement. Conduct all the necessary changes to make your home as appealing from the curb as possible.

Emphasise Your Home’s Main Selling Point

Each home has a certain aspect to it that makes it stand out. Make sure you know what your home’s best feature is so that you can work to emphasise it as much as possible. Every home is unique in its own way and has something that makes it stand out. Remembering why you bought your home in the first place or what visitors comment on the most is a great way to establish what your home’s most attractive features are. Identifying these selling points is useful when it comes to marketing your property as it will give your home more value and credibility to potential buyers.

Neutralise Your Property

Every home is filled with memories and history but in order to make your home attractive, you need to depersonalise it. Depersonalising your property allows prospective buyers to feel welcomed and imagine themselves and their family in your house. Also, keep the canvas as blank as possible so that buyers will be able to visualise their dream colours and decor.

De-clutter any storage units and get rid of any excess trinkets and clutter. Storage is something every buyer is looking for and can never have enough of. Remove half of the stuff from your closets to give the impression of more space. Remember, buyers will snoop so keep all the closets and cabinets clean and tidy to create a pleasing impression.

Sell at the Right Time

The retail market ebbs and flows throughout the year on a fairly predictable schedule. While it’s not impossible to sell a home during November or December, you have a much better chance of selling and receiving a higher price for your home during Spring when there are more buyers looking. If you are trying to sell your home, your best bet is to list it on the market no earlier than late February so that you can take advantage of peak activity.

Have Professional Pictures Taken

Photos are the first thing a potential buyer will see of your home. This makes them very important in attracting potential buyers to your property. Your photo’s can dictate whether they end up scheduling a showing or not. Good real estate photos highlight the best features of your home, making the space look as light, warm, and inviting as possible. This is not always easy to achieve so it is crucial to hire a professional you trust to take photos of your property.

We hope this article will help you obtain the best price you can for your home. Selling a property is a long process. According to property advisors, The Advisory, it takes an average of 10 viewings to achieve an acceptable offer, so don’t give up hope and do as much as possible from your side to ensure you receive a quick and well-priced offer!