Renewable Energy and Passive Energy Design can Deliver a Real Return on Investment

If you own a business, then you will understand the importance of limiting your expenses.

Energy usage is one of the main expenses for a business, whether it is powering your computers and lights or powering machinery and other mechanical works.

If you want to limit your expenses while still powering your business to the maximum efficiency, then you should certainly consider purchasing a solar power panel plan or a wind turbine energy solution.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy solutions give you a constant supply of energy, free of charge.

You only need to pay for your initial set-up, and after that you can access free energy for the rest of your life.

This concept alone will bring you a huge return on your investment, not to mention that it will also reduce your carbon footprint. Nearly every business can qualify for renewable energy solutions, and it can really help to lower your expenses while also powering your business into the future.

Stored Energy

Many solar power plans allow you to store energy, so if you don’t use the energy for that day, it crosses over to the next.

This increases overall efficiency, and it also allows you to make a huge ROI over a set period of time. With energy bills constantly on the rise, it makes sense to utilise renewable energy.

Businesses also face the problem of meeting the minimum energy efficient standards, but if you utilise renewable energy in Scotland this would never be a problem.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a local computer business, an office or a factory, renewable energy is the way forward if you want to make a solid return on your investment and it has never been easier to get your business on the path to a greener energy solution.

Contact your energy consultant today to find out more. They’ll be able to provide you with renewable energy advice as well as advising you on your business.

How a Passive Energy Design Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

A passive energy design is much different to an active solar design.

Active solar designs use electrical and mechanical devices to collect and store energy.

This is often in the form of a wind turbine or a solar panel system.

Passive solar designs however utilise walls, windows and floors, distributing heat in the winter and rejecting it in the summer.

This allows the whole home to utilise solar energy, and it also takes into account the current climate so you can really save money by going for the passive energy design alternative.

How It Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Passive energy designs can help to reduce your energy bills by making your home more energy efficient.

The walls and windows reject heat when the room is of temperature, and it absorbs the heat in the summer, heating the home efficiently without needing indoor heating appliances.

It is entirely possible for an older home to be retrofitted with a passive design; however it is modern builds that often adapt this new energy saving technology.

Passive Energy Solutions

Active solar absorbs energy from the sun and wind before converting it to energy which can then be used throughout the home.

This energy can be used on heating and cooling appliances, electricals and more.

Passive energy designs however make it so you don’t need to use your heating and cooling appliances as much, because your home adapts to the temperature efficiently by absorbing and rejecting heat.

The passive option is a better alternative for people who don’t have room for solar panels, so you can retain the aesthetic appearance without worrying about space, value or any obstructions.

Overall, if you want to reduce energy bills, then the passive energy design is for you.

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