Simple Business Energy Solutions

The BBC has stated that the UK consumes less energy than we did in the 1970’s – and that’s despite the fact that there is now an extra 6.5 million people living here. Households throughout the UK uses 12% less energy than we did before, while heavy industry sectors use a massive 60% less energy than they did before. This is due to the fact we have learned how to be more efficient with our energy consumption, and more importantly, how to reduce energy wastage. Here at Nexus Energy Solutions, we want to give you our top, simple business energy solutions that you can begin today. Many companies are missing out on simple, but very effective business energy solutions. Here are our top tips:

Business Energy Solutions

1. In order to being to save energy and money, you have to make sure that everyone in your business is on the same page and prepared to commit to the cause; they have to have business energy solutions on the brain. Post business energy solutions posters around for people to see, as a pleasant reminder. At EPC London and EPC Glasgow we offer free energy advice to help you get started – you could even appoint a team leader who keeps everyone on track to save energy and minimise wastage. Encourage your employees to come up with their own business energy solutions and management programme.

2. It is very useful to conduct an energy audit of your business and monitor exactly just how much energy you actually consume. Understanding your energy consumption allows you to take the necessary steps to reduce costs. Getting an energy monitor (which are free!) can also help you keep track of your energy consumption. Monitoring your consumption is a very important part of your energy management programme – focus on the biggest consumers such as the heating and lighting systems.

3. Stay efficient with the heating in your building. You can cut costs by as much as 8% by turning your thermostat down as little as 1 degree. The heating and cooling of your heating system is responsible for between 20% and 40% of your energy consumption, so use the facilities of your central heating system. Time the heating to come at only the necessary times, and don’t leave on overnight or when no one is in the building. Also, do the same if you have an air conditioning system.

4. In commercial buildings, approximately 30% of their energy consumption is from the lighting. Another great business energy solutions is to install motion sensitive lights in the rooms/areas that aren’t occupied that often. This ensures that no lights are left on by accident for hours, wasting energy. The lights will only come on when people enter and automatically go off after a period of no movement. Switching to energy saving light bulbs is a small, but important business energy solutions you can also do. This action can save you up to 10% on your lighting costs, and you will actually end up saving some money on lighting maintenance costs.

5. As well as making employees aware of the switching off all lights and using energy saving light bulbs, encourage them to remember to turn off printers, computers and appliances when not in use. A single computer being left on for 24 hours a day, costs businesses over £50 a year – a small, but unnecessary cost. Make sure they don’t leave chargers sitting plugged in either – the device is still converting energy, and ultimately wasting energy.

6. Checking your insulation levels is also a great business energy solutions. You can increase the insulation where appropriate and save on your heating costs by up to 5%.

Free and Simple Business Energy Advice

At Nexus Energy Solutions we dedicate our time and energy to the development of renewable energy and efforts to reduce the harmful effects of climate change. We offer free energy advice, simple business energy solutions and free energy surveys. If you reduce your business energy consumption by 20% this equates to about 5% rise in ‘sales’ so why wouldn’t you follow our free business energy advice.

We work to provide you with business energy advice by offering free energy surveys and free energy advice. We then come up with a management plan to help produce green business energy solutions for our clients – growing the renewable energy sector among business, will ultimately help us to reduce energy consumption and our client’s carbon footprint.

Business Energy Advice

We offer free energy reports to help you determine just exactly what measurements you need to take to reduce your heating bills. We are also full informed about all government grants and funding which may be available to you to take advantage of. Visit our energy advice centre or arrange a home visit and our team of experienced energy surveyors will take you through each step and on your way to getting your home or building to the best energy standard possible. Thanks to our years of experience, you can be sure when you come to Nexus Energy Solutions for your business energy advice, that you are getting a first class service every time.

We aim to provide all of our clients, and potential clients, with only the best energy advice. An energy study can highlight the potential for a green energy project. A free energy survey will help to determine what you can do to reduce your utility bills and free energy advice on how to help meet the cost of getting the improvements done – make green energy improvements to your property, and fund it by using the savings you make on your energy bills. We are here to assist you and your business with the best business energy solutions and answers to any questions that you may have. Using the latest technology, we are able to provide a comprehensive list of potential green energy possibilities. We also offer advice on green deal assessment services and green deal schemes, so be sure to ask!

Using our years of experience in this industry, and extensive experience, we will evaluate your current contracts and utilities and highlight all of the areas where we think you can save – households in the UK alone were believed to have cost the economy £11 billion in 2010, so can you imagine what your business could save with the experience and direction of Nexus Energy Solutions.

We strive to help each customer that takes our free energy advice or free energy surveys. Our overall aim is to help the environment and reduce energy consumption across the country. We can help you reduce your energy consumption costs and save your business hundreds of pounds every year. A good business energy audit can point you towards saving 10% – 40% on your energy bills.

Some energy solutions are better suits to different business, so with our knowledge and experience, you can be sure that we will find the best business energy solutions for you. We can also help you by having an energy performance assessment, or an energy audit to see just hot potential energy efficient your building could be – this is known as an energy performance certificate. If your building is not energy efficient, you are costing yourself hundred of pounds every year – this can be avoided by contacting Nexus Energy Solutions today for your business energy advice.

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