The benefits of obtaining a professional EPC and why you should choose Nexus Energy

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are official documents that illustrates the energy efficiency of domestic and commercial properties. You can visit our EPC London and EPC Glasgow pages to see more information. These EPCs are issued by qualified accredited energy assessors after an energy assessment of the building and include information on the fabric of the building, lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The EPC is a legal document that every property in UK is required to have and display. It contains a certificate reference number, the address of the property, an energy rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), technical information regarding the property and benchmarks against which the energy efficiency could be measured and improved.

An EPC is required if your are selling or leasing a property, when you are applying for grants, loans or Green Deal Finance or when you want to reduce your energy costs. The benefits of obtaining a professional EPC are numerous, from certifying the energy efficiency of a property to providing access to government financial support. However, whether you are a commercial or domestic property owner, getting a professional EPC from an accredited energy assessor like Nexus Energy Solutions has even more benefits.

Complete energy survey process

At Nexus Energy Solutions we offer a three step energy survey process which will provide a complete assessment of your property’s current energy performance and an EPC. The first step is an assessment of the energy efficiency of the property and is conducted by our team off qualified assessors. They will provide you with all information and will go through your property’s results with you.

The second step is a survey in which the assessor will record the size, heating systems, controls and other important details of the property. These will be used in the assessment and issuing of EPC. The final step is issuing an Energy Performance Certificate. This document is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of issuing and is unique for every property. At Nexus Energy Solutions we deliver this at an extremely affordable rate and within a very short time span – 48 hours for domestic EPCs and 72 hours for commercial EPCs.

Professional advice

For us our work does not stop with issuing the EPC. Our advisors will go through your property’s energy performance and ratings with you and will give professional advice and recommendations on how to further improve the energy efficiency of your building. With an extensive experience in working with landlords, private and business owners, as well as strong connections with Housing Associations, Renewable Installation Companies and Letting Agents we have a very good reputation in the industry that could improve your business profile and is a guarantee for the quality of our services.

Energy savings

Having an Energy Performance Certificate helps you reduce your energy consumption and associated costs. This is achieved by following the recommendations and benchmarks for performance that are listed in the EPC. In addition to these, trusting Nexus Energy Solutions with the issuing of and EPC also gives you access to our wide range with services.

Our professional team can recommend additional actions that can further improve your energy consumption profile and help you drive your energy costs down. This is a great opportunity for owners and businesses who do not have much experience with renewable energy.

Social benefits

Getting an EPC has substantial social benefits. With the current focus on environmental issues and the expected 20% increase of gas and electricity bills by 2020 going green is the best option for all property owners. Creating an environmental profile for your property or business will improve your reputation and attract more potential buyers and tenants. Partnering with Nexus Energy Solutions in this task will give you the benefit of knowing the current trends and regulations in renewable energy and an invaluable insight into the marketplace, which is the key to marketing your property successfully.

At  Nexus Energy Solutions we will help you meet your legal obligations, cut your energy use, and reduce your costs and CO2 emissions.

We also offer a free quote, access to experienced surveyors, competitive pricing, fast turnaround and flexible appointments. This makes us a preferred partner for many businesses and individuals when it comes to professional advice and issuing of Energy Performance Certificates. Contact us today to get your free quote.