The Importance Of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is defined as energy that comes from a source which is not depleted when used and naturally, continuously replenishes – wind, sunlight, waves, biomass, geothermal heat and solar light; these resources are used as an alternative to fossil fuels and do not have as much impact on the environment. Nexus Energy Solutions want to outline the importance and benefits of using renewable energy resources and go green! Not only that, there have been new developments in this industry that we would like to share with you.


  1. Renewable energy is, as you can see, renewable. All of the renewable resources are sustainable and so will never run out; unlike several fossil fuels we all depend on to this day. Green energy is reliable, stable and safe to all – a great way to promote and strengthen your brand as environmentally friendly.
  2. They produce little to no carbon emissions or other pollutants and so have minimal impact on the surrounding environment – they help to combat climate change and global warming.
  3. Limitless resources like solar power and wind turbines will never cause catastrophic oil spills, leaks or contaminate the planet.
  4. Renewable energy resources can be deployed anywhere without the need for huge power lines or a massive upheaval of a piece of land.
  5. You will save money on your energy bills and stabilise energy costs in your business or home. Your savings on energy bills will, over time, pay for your investment to go green and use renewable energy resources.
  6. With several major developmental targets been set in this industry, renewable energy resources will be widespread in no time, so get ahead of the pack, and go green!
  7. Going green will help build relationships and clients who live by the same ethos, therefore creating business in the local economy and healthy connections.
  8. Installing these renewable energy resources helps to create business and jobs, and ultimately the economy as well.
  9. Even if your core business is not deep rooted in the renewable energy sector, making the switch to renewable energy could still provide your company with an additional stream of revenue. Government grants are available to help business make the switch to renewable energy and go green, as well as interest-free loans to help fun the switch.

Renewable Energy Developments

In 2014, 8 renewable energy projects were given government approval and is expected to create around 8,500 jobs and attract up to £12 billion in private investment. Some of the approved schemes include offshore wind farms in Liverpool bay and off the coasts of Norfolk, Moray and Yorkshire.

Another recent development happened in 2014 when the European Commission proposed a cut of 40% in their carbon dioxide emissions, while also boosting the use of renewable energy by 27%. They plan to do this by offering incentives and grants for businesses to invest in new, cleaner technologies, which then in turn also creates more jobs and has a positive impact on the environment.

Not only that, as of 2021, Norway will be powering hundreds of thousands of homes in the UK via the world’s longest sub-sea electricity interconnector. The UK is looking to import just enough hydropower from Norway to provide up to 14% of the annual costs of household electricity needs. This interconnector means that the UK has access to green energy, and therefore reducing their carbon emissions by going green.

At Nexus Energy Solutions we offer free energy advice, surveys and business energy solutions. Our overall goal is to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint, and with many years of experience in this sector, you can rest assured you are in reliable hands. We combine our knowledge and expertise to ensure we come up with the best energy solution best suited for you and your business. Contact us today for free, unbiased and reliable information on renewable energy and what it takes to go green!

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