TM44 Inspections Scotland & England – What Are The Main Reasons For These Type Of Surveys?

It is a legal requirement for businesses to have TM44 inspections Scotland, however many domestic homeowners are now turning to TM44 inspections as well to see if their homes are as energy efficient as they could be.

It can be difficult to assess your own air conditioning, and you’ll never have an accurate report unless you contact a reputable company, like Nexus Energy Solutions.

TM44 surveys are also requested by landlords, but why are they needed and what are the benefits?


Many landlords are opting to have their properties inspected by energy companies because tenants are becoming more and more environmentally friendly.

This puts added pressure on landlords to keep their properties energy efficient, and TM44’s are a great way to do this.

Many homes have air conditioning units throughout the property, and they can use a lot of energy if they are not properly maintained.

With more and more energy efficient units hitting the stores every single year, it helps to know how energy efficient your own model is before you upgrade.

Your energy provider will also be able to help you to save money when making your upgrade and this is especially useful if you want to keep the cost down for you and your tenants.

Domestic Inspections

Homeowners are also feeling the increasing need to keep their homes energy efficient. Whether it is to keep the bills down in your home or whether you are trying to increase the value on the property market, TM44 surveys can go a long way when you are trying to determine the efficiency of your air conditioning units.

You will also get a certificate proving your energy efficiency, which can be very beneficial to your property.