What Solar Can Do to Power Your Business

If you are a business owner, you may have noticed the trend towards renewable energy and the emphasis on its commercial use. The primary reason for the emphasis on renewable energy is because energy prices rise every year at a rate far higher than inflation. As many as fifteen years ago, we believed this trend couldn’t sustain itself, but the fact is that energy prices are still climbing far higher than the rate of inflation every year.

Solar Power Is the Way of The Future

Solar power offers far more than any other renewable and non-renewable energy available today. The short-term costs are high, but the long-term savings are massive. EPC London offers energy recommendation reports that will help you find where solar can benefit your business.

Power storage is also a big deal when it comes to solar power. Thanks to Elon Musk’s new electric battery designs, businesses are able to store high amounts of power and need not worry so much about their batteries degrading as fast. Battery technology is having a renaissance at the moment, which means there has never been a better time to invest in solar power.

Solar Power Exploits Assets You Already Have

Adding solar cells to your building and your grounds is not like setting up a desalinisation plant and piping the water for miles to your building. Solar cells can take up space that you were not using. Solar cells can go on unused grassy areas, brownfield sites, and even your unused car parks. Cells can go on the roof of offices, warehouses, and even on the top of greenhouses.

What is more, you do not have to set up substations to control and store the power. Storing the power takes up no more space than if you bought another van and stored it in a garage. In addition, solar cells do not affect your environment. They are not noisy like wind turbines, they do not scare away local wildlife, nor do they affect mobile phone coverage.

Solar cells do not heat up your buildings or the surrounding areas, and they do not give off toxic fumes. Plus, if properly installed, they pose no danger to staff or creatures that come in contact with them. Another advantage is that solar cells require very little maintenance and cleaning.

Is There More to It Than Savings and Profits?

Solar power is also a step towards saving the environment. Climate change is a real thing, and even if it is not as threatening as networks like CNN or MSNBC would have you believe, it is still something we should consider. After all, nobody wants to intentionally cause environmental damage if it can be avoided.

In truth, solar power both avoids environmental damage, and it gives you complete control over your own power. It gives you energy independence, and it saves you great amounts of money over a long period of time.

Thanks to modern technology, the manufacture of solar cells is no longer as polluting as it was, and since solar cells last longer, there is also less pollution created when they are eventually disposed of.

Can people say the same about nuclear waste? Can they say the same about oil and coal power plants? Solar power is clean, and for the first time in history, it is affordable and offers a long-term return on investment.

Why Are Some So Slow to Notice the Ecological Reasons Behind A Renewable Energy Shift?

World energy and ecological problems are slow to progress, and changes occur so slowly that people adjust to what they are seeing. That is why only big and high-impact events gain media attention. The fact that Coca Cola has moved its factories twice in the last 20 years because of water shortages is not newsworthy, but an oil spill is.

Conclusion – Solar Power Is the Safest Form of Future Proofing Available Today

Even if the oil companies discovered two hundred new oil deposits tomorrow, solar power is the only way forward for modern businesses, and it is a fool proof long-term investment. What’s more, it gives businesses control over not only their power prices, but also their power usage.

Consuming high amounts of energy on sporadic occasions need no longer inflict a big budget dent because you can save you the energy you need to accommodate such times. In addition, thanks to the high cost of energy both now and in the foreseeable future, the businesses that adopt solar power earlier are the ones that will be better off in the long run.