how to contribute to net zero

How Your Business Can Contribute towards Net Zero

There are many schemes and targets in place to improve the UK’s energy efficiency. Net Zero, a UK government project, is one of those schemes. It aims to have greenhouse gas emission down to zero by 2050 – and we all need to play our part. There are lots of ways that we can understand,…

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earth energy

How Far is the World from Climate Catastrophe?

At a recent summit in Korea of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), scientists and researchers presented a 33-page report with a recommendation that global warming needs to be controlled to the extent of not allowing temperatures to increase by more than 1.5° above pre-industrial levels. The Summary for Policymakers is a result of…

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Government Solar Power Subsidies to be Axed

Solar power is a clean renewable energy source with the potential to replace conventional fossil fuels such as gas and coal. This has a positive impact on the environment as it reduces the effects of land, air and water pollution caused by fossil fuels and reduces the carbon footprint of energy generation. There are a…

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Why Renewable Energy is the only alternative

According to Bloomberg’s report on Global trends in renewable energy, the investment in the Renewable Energy sector has reached £170 billion in 2014, marking an increase of almost 17% compared to the sector in 2013. Altogether, renewable energy sources contribute to 9.1% of the global electricity generated in 2014, and are becoming more and more attractive…

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The Importance Of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is defined as energy that comes from a source which is not depleted when used and naturally, continuously replenishes – wind, sunlight, waves, biomass, geothermal heat and solar light; these resources are used as an alternative to fossil fuels and do not have as much impact on the environment. Nexus Energy Solutions want…

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